Case Studies

How can we help you?

Here are a couple examples of how we’ve helped our affiliates with their supply needs:

Freestanding ERs & Urgent Care Clinics

Through standardization opportunities identified through market basket analysis, we helped one freestanding ER and urgent care affiliate pinpoint their overall potential savings opportunity to be 35 percent. In lab distribution, orthopedic soft goods, exam gloves, and casting and splinting products, we were able to provide exact match savings of 53 percent, equivalent product savings of 51 percent, and alternative product savings of 29 percent.

Primary Care Practices

In 2015, we helped a small chain of four Central Texas primary care practices leverage the contracts we had in place with Premier to capture savings and improve the quality of service and transparency they were receiving from their current distributor. We project they will save 60 percent in standard hypodermic product costs, 23 percent in contrast media costs, 12 percent in lab supplies costs, and 46 percent in exam table paper costs. The projected overall annual savings for them is 15 percent.


Our hospital members have saved hundreds of thousands already in 2016 and opportunities to save more than $2 million annually. Moreover, we’re able to empower these facilities to find savings opportunities through advanced supply chain analytics.