ENVI MMIS Software

As a complete materials management information system (MMIS), ENVI brings improvements to every step of the procurement process from usage tracking to invoice approval while adding value to your existing systems through customized interfaces.

What does the software do?

ENVI works seamlessly on one unified platform to manage inventory control, purchasing, reporting and invoice approval. By channeling all purchasing activity through ENVI’s unified platform, a single organization-wide item and vendor master allows connected locations to funnel purchases to approved vendors and gives administrators a clear view into their complete supply chain.

With ENVI you can transmit your orders directly to vendors, with immediate delivery and 100% accuracy. You will also receive a line-by-line detail of your order’s status with feedback on backorders or rejected lines as well as up-front identification of pricing discrepancies.

The ENVI reporting engine not only provides you with a robust suite of preconfigured reports, but also gives you the power to add and remove data elements, sort and filter results exactly as you need, and even save your creation for later use or to share with others in your organization.

ENVI is also capable of outputting crucial data to your existing systems, enhancing the value of your total information technology investment and enabling even greater efficiency and control in your processes.

How can we help you implement and manage ENVI?

ENVI is 100 percent web-based, so it is accessible from any internet connected device, no downloading necessary. We will help implement the system into your business and train every employee who will be using the software, as well as provide support for any technical issues that may arise.